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  • Descripcion:  You tube money grubbers have forced a commercial onto this video without my permission. I am not making a single dime off of this disgusting commercial activity. I am 100% against the low life money grubbers using my work to make money off of me. Write these degenerates and let them now how sick you are of their commercials Some images to contemplate upon, relating to the pioneering work of Viktor Schauberger in the Fields of Forestry, Stream Management, Agriculture, Environmentalism, Implosion Physics and non-polluting, Free Energy Technologies. He personally designed these technologies to benefit humanity and usher in a new era of unlimited abundance for everyone. And it was his intention to ressurect Natures Beauty, from mankinds ubiquitous destruction. Walter Russells work in Cosmology explains a great deal of Schaubergers discoveries in laymens language http//www.youtube.com/watch?vUYHsJv3kX6U For a detailed account of the free energy technologies of Viktor Schuaberger and Walter Russell, Implosion Physics, Bio-mimicry, Scalar Mechanics and the many types of Free Energy Technologies currently in existence please see http//www.feandft.com/ Viktor Schauberger Implosion Turbine from the 1940s http//www.frank.germano.com/viktorschauberger_3.htm Per manent Magnetic Free Energy Motors http//www.youtube.com/watch?vYDJpUVlWK0cNR1 http//www .youtube.com/watch?vLNBMVsuPdm4featurerelated http//jnaudin.free .fr/html/mromag.htm http//www.youtube.com/watch?v8fR3vBB1Yn0 http//www.youtube.com/watch?vqQAo3O2d8cUfeaturerelated http//ww w.youtube.com/watch?vvDeXTXYFKAYfeaturerelated http//www.youtube .com/watch?vOEfpGoYMdvQfeaturerelated All current destructive academic forms of energy production including the corporate alternatives of Solar, wind and tide are all obsolete. Demand that this technology not be suppressed by the energy barons again for another 50 years. Start a group and demand it be implemented immediately to reverse our present direction into a planetary environmental hell. Hold President Obama accountable for his promised mantra of Change. This is the only change that will bring about real freedom, happiness, recreation and et...
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